Williams Family Seymour Branch History

In November 1977 the library board voted to purchase a bookmobile for the Seymour Community at a cost of not more than $2000.  The bookmobile opened on the lot of the Seymour Branch of the Sevier County Bank on June 6, 1979.  The bookmobile was 168 square feet, was open sixteen hours a week, and staffed by volunteers.  On January 1, 1980, Barbara Pitner was hired as a library assistant to manage the Seymour Branch.  In October 1983, the Seymour Branch Library moved to the Bill Mellon Office Building.  This leased space provided 650 square feet at a cost of $235.00 per month, including utilities. The new space allowed the branch to expand the hours of operation to twenty-six per week (SCPLS Board, 1977-1983).

In July 1990 the library board voted to pay a rent increase for more space for the Seymour library.  One year later, the library moved to the opposite end of the Bill Mellon Office Building and increased its size from 650 square feet to 1250 square feet (SCPLS Board, 1990-1991).

On March 28, 1998, the Seymour Branch moved into 2,996 square feet of space located at 11560 Chapman Highway.  In October 1999 Virginia Borrelli was promoted to manager of the Seymour Branch Library (SCPLS Board, 1998-1999).

On March 21, 2003, a parcel of land in the Macon Crossing Shopping Center was purchased for $65,000 to build a new library (Nicholson, 2003).  On April 19, 2004, the 3,568 square foot facility opened its doors at an approximate cost of $350,000.  A formal grand opening was held on August 28, 2004.  The Friends of the Seymour Library raised $14,000 from private donations for the building with the balance funded by Sevier County (SCPLS Board, 2004).  Ms. Borrelli was promoted to manager of the Main Library in Sevierville in June 2005, and Kelly Hamilton was hired as her replacement. 

Tony Krug was promoted to branch manager in August 2008 (SCPLS Board, 2005-2008).  David Phillips assumed the position in June 2011 until February 2018 at which time Sarah McBride became manager until mid-January 2019. When visiting the Seymour Branch Library today you will enjoy a bustling library that features a robust selection of books and other materials along with a full range of programs for all ages and interests, led by branch manager Karen Everrett.

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