Business Center

Business Center – Ben Holden

The Margit and Earl Worsham business center, or computer lab as many folks call it, is the central location for many of our public access computers and is the prime location to get help if you need it.  When you visit the library you can take care of many of your technology needs in the business center.  Email, social media, resumes, job searches, hobby help, music, videos, news, online resources and more await you when you log on to one of the library computers.  Just use your name as your ‘password’ and you will be taken to the computer desktop.  Remember there is a 45-minute time limit if people are waiting to use the computer, otherwise, we are happy to renew your login for additional 45-minute sessions.

Please click on the link below to review our Technology and Internet Policy before you begin using library computers. Internet Technology Policy Page

Don’t forget the dozens of online databases we have for you to utilize.  Be sure to visit the page for our database links to begin learning a new language, get tutor help with homework, research school and work projects plus lots more. You can find those links and more information about them below.

Printing and getting help in the business center is easy.  When you send your projects to be printed, just ask the staff member in the lab to release them for you.  They will let you know the cost, so you can determine if you have printed correctly, and you will be all set.  If you need help with any task, ask the staff member in the lab, and they can provide you with assistance for minor tasks that can be accomplished quickly.

Need even more help?  Sign up for one of our computer classes!  Twice each month at our main library and once a month at our branch libraries, we offer classes on everything from using a computer for the first time, to making the most of social media, career development, and using tech devices like eReaders.  Don’t see a class on a topic you’d like to cover?  Just ask and we’ll see if we can work it in the future schedule!  Click here to see our computer class schedule and find out how to register for these free hands-on workshops.