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Reserve a Meeting Room

Each branch in the Sevier County Public Library System has meeting rooms that are available to the community by reservation. We welcome the public to use our meeting spaces, according to the rules and regulations established by our board of directors, on a first-come-first served basis.

At the King Family Library, there are six rooms that can be reserved for community events. They are as follows:

  1. Burchfield Room – Our Burchfield Room is our largest meeting room and can accommodate up to seventy people. It has table, chairs, audio-visual capabilities, internet connectivity and easy access to restrooms and our catering kitchen (which is also available to the public).
  2. Bridgemont Room – Our Bridgemont Room is our next largest meeting room and can accommodate approximately thirty people. It has the same amenities as the Burchfield Room.
  3. Small Classroom – Next is our small classroom, which can accommodate up to twelve people and is more practical for smaller groups doing instructional or classroom type activities. It offers the same amenities as the Burchfield and Bridgemont Rooms.
  4. Worsham Small Business Center Computer Lab – Our Small Business Center is the library’s computer lab and is available on a limited basis for classes and training. Since it serves a large segment of our patronage, reservations of this room must be made in advance and require approval of the System Director or the Building Manager. This room presently has twelve computers, with tables and chairs. Also, there are computers specifically for downloading materials (i.e. eBooks, music, etc.) in this room.
  5. Wade Conference Room – On the second floor of the King Family Library, we have our Wade Conference Room, which offers a traditional conference/board room setting and can accommodate up to sixteen people. It also offers audio-visual capabilities, conference call telephone system and internet connectivity.
  6. Materials Workroom – Our Materials Workroom offers a space for teachers and educators to produce materials for classroom instruction. We offer a laminating machine, a die-cut roller with a large assortment of dies, a binding machine, an automatic folding machine and a specialty copier that will handle most any type of print or copy job. We offer the use of the machines for free. However, each person must supply their own supplies (i.e. paper, card stock, etc.). Also, there may be additional charges for projects that exceed a certain number of items. Therefore, if you are interested in using this room, please check with the library staff regarding additional costs that may be incurred.

Additionally, our branch libraries each have a meeting room that is available for reservation.

  1. Seymour Branch Meeting Room – The meeting room at our Seymour Branch can accommodate about twenty-five people and has access to a small kitchen area, restrooms, tables and chairs, audio-visual equipment, and internet connectivity.
  2. Kodak Branch Meeting Room – The meeting room at our Kodak Branch can accommodate up to thirty people and, due to space restrictions, is available for reservation after business hours only. Internet connectivity is available, but audio-visual equipment is not.

If you would like to reserve one of our meeting spaces for an event, please carefully read the following attachments:

  1. Sevier County Public Library System Application for Use of Meeting Room
  2. Customer Conduct
  3. Care of Use of Facilities
  4. Rules & Regulations for Use of Library Grounds, Buildings & Equipment for Meetings & Other Events

If your meeting is in compliance with these guidelines and your group agrees to observe the conditions of use, please complete the Application for Use of Meeting Room and submit it for approval to the Building Manager of the facility where you would like to conduct your meeting. If the meeting space is available, the manager will schedule it and contact a representative of the group to confirm. We encourage the use of these meeting rooms and look forward to having you with us soon!

Burchfield Room

Bridgemont Room

Small Classroom

Worsham Small Business Center Computer Lab

Wade Conference Center

Materials Workroom

Seymour Branch Meeting Room

Kodak Branch Meeting Room

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