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Reading Advice

AuthorSeries If you have a favorite author who writes books in series, check AuthorSeries to see what title comes next in the series.
Fantastic Fiction When you are interested to know the works of an individual author that cannot be found anywhere else, Fantastic Fiction often can help.
Library Thing Library Thing is for when you want to know how other people review and rate a book you might be considering. Also, books are arranged by subject, if you want to find books that are popular with a lot of people.
The New York Times Best Seller Lists When you want to know what new books are selling best, the New York Times list of Best Sellers is one of the best known and most often consulted.
What Do I Read Next? One good read deserves another. So, when you want to find another author like the one you enjoy, take a look at What Do I Read Next?
Goodreads Goodreads is a social networking site that allows you to organize your books into virtual bookshelves, share what your reading with friends, create your own online book clubs and get recommendations about what to read next.



Credo Reference When you need a quick answer about an author you are researching, Credo Reference rapidly searches the answers from dozens of standard reference books.
Literature Resource Center When doing research on an author or a literary work, Gale Literature Resources will provide biographies of authors, literary criticism of individual literary works, and broader criticism over an author's lifetime of work.


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